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Five Basic Items You Need to Quer Bake!

Getting Started with Baking?

Are you inspired to do some baking at home yet? Here’s a list of useful items that are the very best basic things you’ll want in your kitchen for baking:

  • A mixing bowl. For some recipes I like to use a heavier stoneware or ceramic bowl, but for other recipes a light stainless steel works best. If you think you will be baking in bulk, get a variety of sizes.
  • Something to measure with. Either a cup or a set of kitchen scales.
  • A wooden spoon.
  • An oven-proof dish. Most of my recipes use an oven dish around 20cm. You can use a pyrex glass, stoneware or cast iron dish with varying results depending what you are baking. My best all-rounder would be a cast-iron dish.
  • A spatula. Your spatula will save so much awkward scraping out of sticky dough, you can use it for mixing too.

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