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Quer Bake Baking Equipment Tools You Need Essentials Irish Recipes Wooden Spoon Stoneware Bowl

Five Basic Items You Need to Quer Bake!

Getting Started with Baking? Are you inspired to do some baking at home yet? Here’s a list of useful items that are the very best basic things you’ll want in your kitchen for baking: A mixing bowl. For some recipes I like to use a heavier stoneware or ceramic bowl, […]

Quer Bake Plain Scones To Adapt As You Wish

Scones to Adapt as You Wish!

“Here today, scone tomorrow” one of my friends back home once said of scones. And if you are a fan of a good scone, you’ll know how valid that statement really is. Scones are made to be eaten on the same day. Fresh from the oven, a scone is perfect […]

Quer Bake Buttermilk Substitutes For Baking Irish Recipes Best Vegan Square

Buttermilk Substitute Hacks

Butter or Milk or Neither? Buttermilk sounds like something fanciful from the olden days, but it’s actually a staple ingredient in a lot of today’s Irish baking and well, just good food really. Have you had buttermilk pancakes? Then you get the idea. Buttermilk is a key component if you […]

Quer Bake Baking Sessions Barcelona Home Baked Shortcrust Pie Sweet Pastry Recipe

How to Make Sweet Pastry From Scratch

I believe there should be a difference between sweet shortcrust pastry that you use for sweet pies, and savoury shortcrust pastry for savoury pies. The main ingredients for this recipe are the same, with a few subtle tweaks, depending on which type of pie you are making. Here is my […]